Handmade work steampunk style

Art work steampunk style handmade

Feathers of magical mechanical birds. Polymer clay, details of watch mechanisms, jewelry epoxy resin and other materials. Creator Maria Efremova.

The Evolution of Steampunk Art

steampunk art

Steampunk might seem like an art form created in the mind of Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde, but it’s actually more widespread than one would think. Although it might seem peculiar to some, steampunk art has been spreading like wildfire over galleries, art-cafes, and of course, the Internet. The steampunk movement was one of the biggest booms of the last century. However, it is now more than a movement or a passing trend. Steampunk art has earned its rightful place in the great halls of the world’s artistry. What started as a literary genre has spread its influence over all art forms — painting, graphic design, clothes, and jewelry design, statuary work, and metal design — steampunk art covers it all. Given that steampunk itself is a form of a clash since it’s derived from the feelings of futuristic nostalgia, steampunk art showcases the same harmonious rift. Everything is antithetical yet balanced. What Inspires Steampunk Art? Like all other artists, steampunk devotees get inspired by life and art. Does life imitate art or art imitates life is an eternal question. When it comes to steampunk art, the answer is as elusive as ever. However, most artists...

Unleash Your Inner Persona with Steampunk Cosplay

steampunk cosplay

Photo by Danielle Lirette. Steampunk cosplay has seen a steady incline in popularity in recent years. More often than not, you’ll see a steampunk cosplayer in convention halls or at comic cons. If the thought of dressing up as a Victorian vixen or an industrial scientist sparks your interest, make sure to do it right. Steampunk cosplay is an art form on its own. However, being a part of this almost fantastical world is not that hard — you just have to unleash your inner steampunk persona. But first — what is steampunk anyway? A particular subculture, steampunk is inspired by the Victorian era and the industrial innovation of that period. It’s retrofuturistic when it comes to the esthetic. Furthermore, steampunk draws inspiration from an ingenious viewpoint of the Victorian era. Novelists like Jules Verne imagined a different present back then, and today that “past that never was” inspires an entire culture. And what is steampunk cosplay? Steampunk is best described as an alternative, fictional history. Although it’s more mainstream than it used to be, steampunk cosplay is still particular and unique. Therefore, it includes a lot of metal bits and pieces that look as if...

The Wonderous World of Steampunk Decor: Old-Fashioned Wall Art and Industrial Design

Steampunk Decor Old-Fashioned Art Industrial Design

In the world of decor and home interior design, many things have changed over the years. Gone are the days of wooden cabinets filled with ornamental dishes and porcelain details. Now it’s all about finding the minimalist inside you and owning as less as possible. However, there’s one type of decor that is still as popular as before: steampunk decor. On the surface, it’s a type of decor that aims to please the science fiction fan inside us. But in its very core is the ability to transform any space into a work of brass art, filled with detailing worth of any Victorian lady or gentleman’s time and money. Elements of steampunk decor When one first comes across a lavishly steampunk decorated room, their eyes first land on the many ornaments found on the walls. Indeed, steampunk decor draws its inspiration from industrialism. Thus, one may expect to find all sorts of things used to bring that old-fashioned retro vibe to the home, such as: Chimneys Spinning wheels Clocks Giant electrical coils Moving pumps. In essence, just like steampunk in general, the steampunk decor also entails combining something old and something new. However, that doesn’t mean...

The Steampunk Clothing Time Machine

Steampunk clothing

If you have the Victorian Blues The Industrial Era proved as an excellent inspiration for a whole new level of styling — steampunk clothing! Steampunk is a clash of two worlds, a place where you can unleash your love for history and technology. Just remember the detailed and endless descriptions of fancy clothes and interiors of mansions in the Victorian literature. Back then, these details were a mark of aristocracy and wealth. Today, there is really no reason for us to dress as they did over 100 years ago, no matter how fascinating we find it. However, steampunk clothing can give you that excuse to wear both corsets and aviator goggles. Steampunk clothing is increasingly popular among many enthusiasts. Since it covered the needs of history and technology lovers, its success was guaranteed. It was just a matter of time for this movement to change direction and start to fuse with other movements and produce something entirely new. Today, we have numerous enthusiasts that bring steampunk clothing to the entirely new level of awesome. The romantic fusion of the old and the new The mix of seemingly conflicting styles gave birth to the alluring world of...

What Is Steampunk? A Classic Tale of Victorian Era’s Influence and Quirkiness

what is steampunk

Ever wondered why some people prefer to dress as if they have just stepped out of a Jules Verne novel? They sport goggles, brass details and, quite usually, top hats, which allows them to make a fine impression on any passer-by who decides to take one good look at them. This sort of clothing is what we refer to as steampunk clothing. Yes, steampunk is still quite popular, even in the 21st century. However, most people fail to realize what it actually is. Some of them would even think that the person mentioned above is just a bit odd-looking; sort of like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Yet steampunk has a fascinating history you ought to know about. In the following lines, we’ll guide you through this wondrous subgenre of science fiction and answer one of the most burning questions modern people have: what is steampunk? Origins of steampunk: novels and social issues In the very core of the definition of steampunk lies the ability to combine the old with the new. That’s why most avid steampunk aficionados look a bit different than, let’s say, business professionals. Steampunk originated a long time ago, back...

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