The Steampunk Clothing Time Machine

If you have the Victorian Blues

The Industrial Era proved as an excellent inspiration for a whole new level of styling — steampunk clothing!

Steampunk is a clash of two worlds, a place where you can unleash your love for history and technology. Just remember the detailed and endless descriptions of fancy clothes and interiors of mansions in the Victorian literature.

Back then, these details were a mark of aristocracy and wealth. Today, there is really no reason for us to dress as they did over 100 years ago, no matter how fascinating we find it. However, steampunk clothing can give you that excuse to wear both corsets and aviator goggles.

Steampunk clothing is increasingly popular among many enthusiasts. Since it covered the needs of history and technology lovers, its success was guaranteed. It was just a matter of time for this movement to change direction and start to fuse with other movements and produce something entirely new.

Today, we have numerous enthusiasts that bring steampunk clothing to the entirely new level of awesome.

The romantic fusion of the old and the new

The mix of seemingly conflicting styles gave birth to the alluring world of steampunk design. This gives us the best of both sides. In fact, we can easily modify our clothing to suit our every need.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk primarily originated in literary fiction, as a subgenre to science fiction. Authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and their groundbreaking novels started the fictional world of steampunk future. Along the lines, they invented witty new fashion designs, gadgets, and weapons that triggered the steampunk clothing mania.

The idea was to present the Victorian post-apocalyptic future. It was only after, in the 1980s that this trend really started to develop. And it has come such a long way since. Steampunk clothing is so cool and trendy that it found its way to the big screen!

Since it’s a fairly new concept, it is interesting that it really didn’t take long before this style found itself among high fashion designs and standard retail. Yet, the best spectacle for the eyes is in the handmade pieces at the Steampunk World Fair. This is where people from all around the world come to showcase their Steampunk clothing ideas and models in this style. Everything is allowed since there is really a lot of room for work and new ideas.

No limits!

We can certainly say that every steampunk outfit comes with distinctively rich accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. Rich corsets, bustiers, and bodices are instant associations for this style. Combined with an equally charming ruffle skirt, they add to the femininity and emphasize a woman’s inner sensuality.

But that’s not all. Some of the main elements of steampunk clothing are:

  • brass goggles
  • bowler hats
  • bonnets
  • pocket watches
  • clockwork ornaments

and similar gadgets that immediately create the clash of opposing worlds of gears and frills.

Steampunk evolved to be divided into two groups:

  • historical recreationists,
  • and sci-fi cosplayers.

Whether you want to indulge in the more historical side or the fictitious one, it is entirely up to you. However, appropriating Victorian styles and retro design specifically tailored to your liking often adds that individual touch that separates you from a simple replica of a piece of historical fashion.

If you could use one word to explain Victorian fashion, the best choice would be “unrevealing.” Be careful not to show too much skin, be careful not to shock!

Still, steampunk cosplayers don’t intend to comply with that rule in this time and age.

On the contrary, they focus on metal trinkets and mechanized accessories. In their eyes, steampunk has the Victorian delicacy but with a technological twist. Its main mission is to shock and to amaze!

Steampunk for everyone!

Steampunk style has a lot to offer to both men and women. For women, this means:

  • a lot of lace
  • frills
  • velvet
  • granny boots
  • heavy brocade
  • straps
  • gloves
  • parasols
  • canes

And a lot more to satisfy your heart’s desires. If you’re interested in a more dangerous look, you can always add some kind of mechanical weaponry, such as:

  • mechanical guns
  • lasers
  • gauntlets.

However, we are talking about the shy Victorian era here, but in the 21st century. Thus, it is important to add that skirts and dresses are not the only options. Women can also incorporate pants or bloomers into their look.

Ruffled Victorian bloomers, also called pantaloons, were usually worn under thick layers of dresses, as an undergarment in the Victorian era. But steampunks don’t really believe in limitations. So go wild! Combine that undergarment with a short skirt and a fierce pair of stockings.

Men have equally as many options for their unique style — dress shirts with white collars, high waisted pants with knit sweaters and vests. Moreover, as a special touch to suits, men can always draw some inspiration from the Wild West theme and Moulin Rouge.

Finally, a fashionable steampunk hat is almost a necessity for every combination. What’s more, appropriate neckwear is also a really helpful addition to men’s suits. An Ascot, or a cravat, could drastically improve your look and add a fancy little twist to a simple black suit.


Since this is also the age of steam, black or brown tones are the most sought-after. Besides those, we can also see rich jewel tones, such as ruby red, midnight blue, emerald green, and deep purple. Still, the current trends often add other bright colors to the style.

The unique world of steampunk

Steampunk clothing is a new universe that’s completely open to changes and modifications. Possibilities are endless, and the fandom is made up of ordinary people who are just trying to incorporate a little bit of the unordinary in their lives.

The steampunk clothing style brings a special touch of uniqueness and a sense of belonging that has brought together millions around the globe. Not many styles let our imagination run rampant and find its implications in almost every other sphere of art as steampunk does. With its changeable nature, it will continue to evolve further. So who knows what it will bring us next!